Driving Songs for the Relaxed


By Stanislav Nachev 

There is nothing like listening to good music while driving in the morning to work. It is not one that motivates you to drive faster or more aggressively. Rather, it is the type of music that calms you down and allows you to relax while getting through the morning traffic in your commute to work.

Music is a powerful tool. It has the potential to express a mood in all of its intricacies and nuisance. It conveys a message that only the heart and soul can read but the mind can marvel at the complexity of it. Music can put you to sleep or it can help your mind have lucid dreams. In mornings it can even help you wake up.

Boards of Canada – Dawn Chorus

However music also can inspire you to think differently about the world surrounding you. For a moment imagine that the world is not composed of hard objects bound by gravity but rather of colours,shapes, and forms, each representing an idea. Almost in a dream like state you float through all those and whatever you can think of you can also visualize.

The message of music is a feeling. What kind of feeling ? One that you will have to decide. How does music make you feel ? It makes me feel like a kid.

Boards of Canada – Kid for Today


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