By Stanislav Nachev 

Character is built through overcoming challenges. “A used car has to overcome many challenges”, I said to myself as I was flipping through photos of the ‘82 Benz I used to own. All the cars I have owned until this point were all used. They all had character built into them. Or so it seemed to me, the car enthusiast excited about every on four wheels. However I decided that something new and reliable would get me to work safer. Hence, my decision to buy a brand new vehicle.

New certainly doesn’t imply ‘no character’, nor does used imply ‘full of character’. Such equivalencies would be only surface deep. While carefully thinking about these words I realized that us and the machines we drive have very much common. They take us to work, to play, to grocery shopping. I even nicknamed mine, “the daily driven grocery getter”. We are more than machines taking on various challenges. However, our machines are more than cars overcoming those said challenges with us.

Nevertheless, how we overcoming the difficulties in our lives determines who we become. Unlike, our cars, which come from the factory with a stamp that at 100,000kms you, the owner, has to replace something significant and that every 10,000kms you have to change the oil, you, the human, do not have a pre-determined maintenance and parts replacement plan, In other words, your future, unlike the car’s, is not determined. You take the actions you want to take however you want to take them. If that means changing something then do so.

There are stages to one’s life, undoubtedly, but the challenges you take and the motivations for them are entirely up to you. Character building is not part of a maintenance schedule or a parts replacement plan. There is no warranty to save you from you either. There is only the belief you got in yourself. Therefore, you should take on new challenges and not be afraid of the bruises that will come along with it.

“Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.”― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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