An instant is too slow.


By Stanislav Nachev 

In this day and age, where an instant is too slow, and a tweet’s age is measured in seconds, we are so used intaking information faster than a hungry dog can waffle down its wet food. By the end of the day all we are left with is mere impressions of what has happened. No, I am not referring to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave even though that is a completely plausible explanation of your nighttime dreams with the Boss’ daughter.

Gone are the days when home telephones were the carriers of important rumours in the neighbourhood and TV cable channels provided entertainment for the evening. Unless, you’re visiting your grandma’s in which case you’re stuck in the late 70’s when petrol prices were still low but her Caddy guzzles it all so it makes no difference.

Times have changed. Yet maybe we changed the times, to suit our consumption? Not only are we gluttons for supersized meals but also for supersized brains. We want to know it all and we want to know it now! Hence, here is my main predicament. I love books. I love reading them. I love reading long books. Yet everyone I see around is so concern about knowing what is happening right this second, that reading a book would seem like an eternity. You might add, books are for scholars. Tweets are for teenagers?

However, we are perfectly ok to spend an hour in traffic on the highway, while not exceeding the speed limit for residential streets. Yet reading feels like something only your grandpa has time for. Not really, he doesn’t because the grass needs trimming and he still hasn’t picked up the paper. But he values his time more. And so should you.

Consuming for the sake of consuming is a sign of stress. Think back to your college and university years. Healthy living was hardly an option, unless you were a varsity jock, in which case it was the only option. Turns out the old cliche about quality over quantity stands true. We should be careful about not what we feed our bodies but what we feed our minds and how much of it.

Therefore, “a blurb of information” has become the new measuring unit, unless you are paid to write articles, in which case you have the time to read a book as well. Take this with a grain of salt. It should be enough to satisfy your appetite for info blurbs.

End of rant.


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